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Comparative Chart
Mild Steel Electrodes
E 6013 Kelarc Overcord Vortic/Indospeed Norma Maxima 6013
E 6013 Kelarc-S Overcord-S Ferro Speed Plus Medio Maxima 6013 x
E 6013 Kelarc-SS Overcord-SS Vordlan Exobel Maxima 6013 xx
Low Hydrogen Electrodes
E 7016 Kelarc-7016 Univers Esab 56 Indotherme Maxidure 7016
E 7018 Kelarc-7018 Supercito Esab 36-H Supratherme Maxidure 7018
E 7018 -1 Kelarc-7018-1 Tenacito Esab 36-H (Spl) Supratheme (Spl) Maxidure 7018-1
Hard Surfacing Electrodes
  KELHARD-II Citorail-II Duroid 350 Bor - B Shieldalloy 35 R
  KELHARD--III Citorail-III Duroid 650 630 H Shieldalloy 60 R
  KELHARD-III LH Citorail-III LH Duroid 650 B Bor -C Shieldalloy 60
  KELHARD-V Citorail-V - S H C -6 Shieldalloy -7
Stainless Steel Electrodes
E 308-16 Kelarc -308 Superinox-1A Ok 61.50 Rutox-A Durinox-308-16
E 308 L-16 Kelarc-308 L Superinox-1C Ok 61.30 Rutox-B Durinox-308L-16
E 316 -16 Kelarc-316 Superinox-2A Ok 63.50 Rutox-Mo Durinox-316-16
E 316 L -16 Kelarc-316 L Superinox-2C Ok 63.30 Rutox-D Durinox-316L-16
E 309 -16 Kelarc-309 Inox -D2 Ok 67.67 Chronitherme 25/12 Durinox-309-16
E 309 L -16 Kelarc-309 L - Ok 67.60 D & H 309 L Durinox-309L-16
Cast Iron Electrodes
E NICI Kelarc - Nickel Supernicron Ferroloid-4 NFM Duracast -Ni
E NICUB Kelarc - Monel Superfonte Ferroloid-1 D & H -Monel Duracast -NC
E NIFeCi Kelar - Ferronicke Ferronicron Ferroloid-3 D & H IIII CI Duracast -FN
Cutting and Gouging Electrodes
- Kelcut Citocut Terrocut Cutting